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Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies - curated by Erlend Hammer

Heman Chong (SG), Jan Christensen (NO), Ane Graff (NO), Allen Grubesic (SE), Mai Hofstad Gunnes (NO), Børre Sæthre (NO), Eve K. Tremblay (CA) and Lars Monrad Vaage (NO)


Børre Sæthre, Bunny Session, 2001


Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits, let's do it all day long. You're the Easter Bunny when you smile. Coochy coochy coo, bunny bunny boo, patti patti poo. Let me touch it, let me feel it, let me grab it, that phat rabbit. Playboy bunny got you feelin' all crummy. Jungle bunny, I'm not mo funny, I'm mo deadly. Bunnies aren't as cute as everybody supposes, they got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. Still got a deuce that'll bunny hop the curb. I was never your bunny, I was never your pet. I'm mild as a bunny, I'm meek as a lamb. So keep on rollin' in your Camry or your Rabbit but if I catch you slippin in my hood, gotta let you havit. And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're gonna fall, tell them a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call. Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling Stump. Like a magician, who draws a rabbit out a hat, son, I draw more like a 44 Magnum.   

- Erlend Hammer, Strausberger platz, 09.03.2009


Heman Chong was born in 1977 in Malaysia, but raised in Singapore. He is based in Berlin and Singapore, depending on the season. He received his M.A in Communication Art & Design from The Royal College of Art, London in 2002. Previous exhibitions include “Common People and other Stories”, Art In General, New York, USA – 2007, “A Question of Evidence”, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna, Austria – 2008 and “The Demon of Comparisons”, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 2009. He also represented Singapore at the Venice biennial in 2003. He has collectively written a science fiction novel entitled “PHILIP” with 7 other collaborators which is published by Project Arts Center Dublin in 2007. He has exhibitied at Lautom Contemporary before, as part of Leif Magne Tangen’s very fine exhibition Bare Words in 2007. He is represented by Vitamin Creative Space.

Jan Christensen
is a Norwegian artist who was born in Copenhagen in 1977. He was educated at The National College of Art and Design. Recent exhibitions include last year’s solo shows Camera Studies at MGM, All These Moments Will Be Lost at Stenersenmuseet, both in Oslo, and Relative Value at C/O Atle Gerhardsen in Berlin in 2007. He also travels a lot and has lately been in these group shows Up Against the Wall at Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw and Tomorrow at Kumho Museum of Art and Artsonje Center. He also curates exhibitions and organizes a semi-regular Medal of Honor-night wherever he goes. He owns six PSPs and lives and works in Berlin.

Ane Graff
was born in Bodø in 1974 but she grew up in Asker where her family kept rabbits. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Bergen in 2004. Some recent group exhibtions include Drawing Consequences at Akershus Kunstsenter, Private Mythologies at W139 in Amsterdam. Her last solo exhibitions were Fall into Matter at Standard (Oslo) The White Works at Bergen Kunsthall, No. 5 in 2006. She is represented by Standard (Oslo) and is currently on a residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

Allen Grubesic
was born in Uppsala in Sweden in 1974. He attended the Facultad de Bellas Artes at Universidad de Barcelona before doing his MFA at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. He recently came home from the IASPIS residency in Istanbul. Some of his recent exhibitions include Year1 at LaViolaBank Gallery in New York, MAKEOUT at Studio 44 in Stockholm and Sameness, Difference and Desire at Pulse NYC. This is Allen’s first visit to Oslo and he finds it very continental. He lives and works in Stockholm.

Mai Hofstad Gunnes
was born in Oslo in 1977. She got her MFA at the Trondheim Art Academy in 2004 and also did stays at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee and CCA Kitakyushu, Japan. Among others she took part in the following exhibtions in 2008 The Intimate and Extraordinary Life of Rocks at Program in Berlin and Ghost in the Machine at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. Other exhibitions include Inter-Faces at Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Almaty, Kazakhstan (2007) Temporary Art Museum Soi Sabai, Bangkok, Thailand in 2006 and When Pigs Fly at the Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo in 2005. Her first solo show in Oslo is taking place at Oslo Kunstforening in September this year. She lives and works in a building by Bruno Taut in Berlin.
Børre Sæthre was born in Oslo in 1967. Some of his solo exhibitions include Stealth Distortion –(...must have seen it in some teenage wet dream) at PS1 in New York and From someone who nearly died but survived which was the Norwegian Festspill-exhibition in 2007 Powered By Zero (The End of the Bambi Cycle) in 2005, The Lustlux Years at Galleri Wang in 2003, My Private Sky at Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo in 2001 and The Beautiful Ones Hurt You Every Time at Fotogalleriet in Oslo in 1997. He currently lives in Paris, Oslo or New York, we’re not really sure.

Eve K. Tremblay was born in Quebec in 1972. She was educated as the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, New York and Université Concordia, Montreal. Last year she had a solo show at Buia Gallery in New York and in 2007 she too exhbited at Lautom as part of Leif Magne Tangen’s Bare Words and was also part of three other shows curated by Leif Magne Tangen in that year. She also had a solo in Val-David, the hippie village where she grew up. Later this year she will have a solo exhibition at her gallery in Montreal, Galerie Donald Brown and also live on a river boat travelling around Manhattan as part of the Waterpod-project. She lives and works in Berlin, Montreal and currently New York, specifically Red Hook, a fisherman’s village across Wall Street. Eve always lives near a river.

Lars Monrad Vaage was born in Oslo in 1973 and, like Lautom-owner Randi Thommessen, grew up on Bygdøy. He received his education at the Art Academy of Oslo and also spent time at the Art Academy in Helsinki. He recently showed work as part of the group exhibition Imagine the Universe Burst Into Song at Laura Bartlett Gallery in London and the Momentum biennial in Erlend Hammer’s home-town Moss. In april this year he will also present his second solo exhibition at Galleri Riis and he has also been invited by Olav Christopher Jenssen to show works at Vestfossen in May. He lives and works in Berlin where he has a lovely studio on Diffenbachstraße, the same street that Jan Christensen also lives on.

Bunnies, Installation view 2 2009

Bunnies, It Must be Bunnies, Installation view, LAUTOM 2009
Ane Graff, Lars Monrad Vaage, Mai Hofstad Gunnes

Ane Graff, Untitled (Linear Rabbit)Ane Graff
Untitled (Linear Rabbit), 2009
Graphite on paper
32.5 x 39 cm
Edition: Unique

Bunnies installation view 2Bunnies, It Must be Bunnies, Installation view, LAUTOM 2009
Ane Graff, Eve K Tremblay, Lars Monrad Vaage

Eve K Tremblay, BIMBB73Eve K. Tremblay
BIMBB/73, 2009
Ink jet on rag paper
20 x 25 cm
Ed: 5 + 2

Bunnies Installation viewBunnies, It Must be Bunnies, Installation view, LAUTOM 2009
Allen Grubesic, Jan Christensen, Eve K Tremblay

Bunnies, Jan Christensen Jan Christensen
What could possibly be missing from an artwork with complex references, conceptual considerations and universal poetic impact? (#1), 2009
Dust, Variable dimensions

Bunnies, Installation view 2009Bunnies, It Must be Bunnies, Installation view, LAUTOM 2009
Eve K Tremblay, Børre Sæthre, Allen Grubesic